Friday, December 11, 2009


So for the past almost 6 weeks I have been going by what my maternal fetal medicine doctor told me, to give it a month or two and we could try again. I have to admit it seemed too good to be true but I just wanted to believe it so bad. I have a friend I went to college with that is now an OB and has answered some questions for me since I had my miscarriage before Samuel so I asked her some more questions. She really had nothing but terrible, honest things to say. She talked about all the risks to me and a possible new baby if I get pregnant right away. It has broken my heart. She said I should wait 12-18 months to try again. So in light of this info I have filled my BCP prescription something I did not want to do. We go back to the MFM doc next week so we will ask him tons of questions including all the stuff that my friend said and go from there. Its killing me to take the pill each night. We want a baby so bad so it seems so wrong to take the pill. This has done things to me emotionally that I was not expecting, I feel like the most terrible wife for not being able to give my husband another baby like he wants.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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