Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sometimes I don't like being a grown up!

Sometimes I don't like being a grown up! For instance, today (and the past two weeks) I have had to make repeated phone calls to the physical therapist for R from a workers' comp claim (that is another story for another day), I have had to call the doctor's office repeatedly, and most of all the *bleep bleep bleep* workers' comp carrier! Who I have come to dislike strongly, the guy won't return any of our calls and is never in the office.

Also I got a summons for jury duty. When I was a child I always thought jury duty would have been the coolest thing! lol But now with three children 4 and under, including one that still nurses, it doesn't seem so cool! So after two phone calls and a message left for the judge, I have resorted to writing a letter and mailing it certified to the judge. Only some states give family exemptions and of course this state isn't one!

Also I am still having a really hard time with the loss of our baby since Mother's Day. I want to talk about it and of course R doesn't want to. So what am I supposed to do? I don't want to upset my husband but there are just things I need to get out.

So today is a day that I don't like being a grown up!!!!