Saturday, April 25, 2009

terrible, terrible day

So, my morning started out great. J slept about 11 1/2 hours last night! This is a first since he was about 2 or 3 months old! So I brought him into bed with me to nurse him, DH was gone to help his cousin pour concrete, and he nursed very hard for about 5 minutes, then sat home and projectile vomited all over me. Thank God it was only my own breast milk, so it doesn't really bother me at all. Then he seemed a little better and nursed more. We all came downstairs. The big boys ate and J didn't want to, more because he thought his waffle was too hot though. So then the morning went on well. DH came home and did some work outside. I should also say that A had a slight fever yesterday. My twins occasionally get random fevers with no other symptoms.

The twins' speech therapist was coming for a session. I had cleaned. The ST came and all went well. J was acting better. Towards the end of the session DH got a fire call and I told him to go. My parents invited us for dinner so we were planning on doing that too. After the ST left I got the boys around and went to the van. We were going to try to get a look at the brush fire but it was a ways out so I gave up and headed back to go to the grocery store to get chips to take to dinner. There is basically only one grocery store that always has carts I can take all three kids in to the store alone and its across town. So I was heading up a local highway 2 lanes on each side divided by a median, 40 mph speed limit, heard a call for the local fire department, saying a motorcycle accident with three bikes on the very street I was on.

I looked up it was right there. I slowed way down and got in the opposite lane from it. I thought about what I should do, but its not like I am trained responder and I also had three kids with me so I just went by. I saw bikes and people laying everywhere it seemed. I will spare the gory details. I took the exit right by my house to pull over, DH called somewhere along the line because he knew I was out and headed in that direction. I was of course frantic after seeing everything so I was freaking out then finally managed to get him to understand that I wasn't involved but just saw it. So then I called my mom to see if we could just head over there. In the time that happened when I went back on the highway in the opposite direction they were already speeding one person away faster than I knew an ambulance could go. The highway on that side was closed until at least dark. We heard one girl was 6 months pregnant which basically angers me after losing a baby that someone could be so careless with a baby's life.

So to try to get this finished up, we do know at least one person was DOA. J ended up getting sick again as we went to go in my mom's house. So he just kind sat with me the rest of the day. DH ended up going out and I know I won't be able to sleep without him but think I will go try to rest on the couch. . .