Wednesday, April 29, 2009

back to normalcy?

So tomorrow DH finally goes back to work after a very long winter! He works in construction so spends his winters home. I did have him get some stuff done around the house during the off season but not nearly as much as I wanted. I was also hoping for a little more notice, than, um, tomorrow! Oh well.

So now I will have to get up and take the big boys to school which means I will have to get J up and around to take too. DH has been taking them all winter, which worked out well, since J does not sleep through the night so it gave me some more sleep, sometimes. It also meant there were a lot of days that we sat around wondering what to do or just going to do nothing, while housework suffered. I am hoping that I can get stuff back under control, particularly laundry! I really need to do a load each and every day and get it put away before dinner or everything just gets all messed up. Once I get behind, its really hard to get caught up! The load everyday doesn't include cloth diapers. I wash those generally every third day, unless either we have had some nasty ones or on the day that I should wash them I won't be able to. I so love my cloth diapers though. I get them from a WAHM makes them that I met at La Leche League.

Tomorrow there is a dance kind of thing for all the head start sites so I am thinking we might attend that, they provide pizza, so I wouldn't have to cook! I think we are going to head up to bed and maybe watch a little idol up there before going to sleep. I have been so exhausted, like beyond exhausted, barely functioning. I am hoping that its a good sign and hope to get a BFP soon. This is exactly how I felt the last time, when we were on our trip in CT. I finally tested then and got a BFP, to only lose the baby a couple of weeks later. So I am now 8 DPO so I will start testing in a few days.