Sunday, April 26, 2009

tragedy gets worse

So this will be quick. DH and I want some alone time while everyone is sleeping! So I found out today that one of the survivors from the crash yesterday was a guy I graduated from HS with. His brother didn't make it and the brother's wife was on with him and six months pregnant. I guess they took the baby but it was just two soon and she didn't make it. The baby was a little girl I guess. Its hitting was close to home for DH and I since he wants a little girl so badly and we so just recently lost a baby. Part of me is angry that someone would even be on a bike that pregnant but they are getting a lot of flack on the newspaper website, who is doing a lot of shady reporting on it to begin with, from commenters so I will lay my judgement aside to only pray for this family that has experienced so much loss in such a short time. DH and I are praying a lot for them all. I trying to unite some class firends on facebook to do the same as well. Facebook is wonderful in that we are able is get out info so quickly.